LoviniKids Gummies are developed to help children obtain adequate nutrients for essential growth and development since we understand at times it maybe difficult to achieve from diet alone. Our product range includes Multivitamin, Fiber, Omega-3 and Probiotic gummies that uses natural flavourings and colour, gluten-free and vegetarian friendly, ensuring only the best is provided for children.

LoviniKids Omega3 Gummies

Our allergen-free formulation contains high-quality Omega 3 oils essential for eyes, brain and cognitive function development. With multiple researches showing its positive effects on cognitive and learning ability. Our gummies come in special orange flavour with no fishy taste that the kids will absolutely love!

LoviniKids Fiber Gummies

No more forcing your child to eat vegetables they hate to get the fiber they need! Our unique formulation contains 3.3g of fiber per serving, almost equivalent to that of a small sized apple! Making it a great source of fiber that kids will happily eat!

LoviniKids Multivitamins Gummies

Children require a comprehensive mix of nutrients for proper growth and development, as well as supporting the immune system! Our easy to digest formula contains more than 10 essential nutrients like vitamins A, B Complex, C, zinc, and folate to help fill nutritional gaps and to support the immune system, protecting against infections.

LoviniKids Probiotic Gummies

Your body needs “good” bacteria to create a happy gut environment for us to stay healthy. They help with absorbing nutrients, digestion, and supporting immune function. Our convenient daily probiotics can help restore your children’s digestive balance naturally and help to maintain good health. Our special formulation contains 5 billion CFU per serving, making sure “good bacteria” can enter the children’s gut and live happily ever after.

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